My Résumé



In 2015, I became the System Administrator for Pie Town Productions, after joining the company as a Field Technical Coordinator in 2014. In 2013, I worked with Michael Gross Productions, producing a video for the nonprofit Howard Dental Center (now part of the Colorado Health Network) of Denver, for which Michael and I won Telly Awards. In 2012, I worked as the Digital Imaging Technician on Megan Griffiths’ multiple award-winning film Eden. Also in 2012, Dave Ohlson’s also-multiple-award-winning film K2: Siren of the Himalayas (available streaming on Netflix), on which I’d worked over the course of a couple of years, screened at several festivals around the world. In 2011, I had the great opportunity to spend eight weeks teaching video editing in Final Cut Pro 7 to a group of Haitian students at the Haiti Reporters film- and photojournalism school in Port-au-prince (in my terrifically inept French — bien sûr!).




  • System Administrator, Pie Town Productions (Jan. – Oct. 2015)
  • Area of Defect We Are the Titans (2014; editor)
  • Area of Defect The Hunt (2014; editor)
  • Area of Defect The Ice Queen (2014; editor)
  • Area of Defect WuJu Style (2014; editor)
  • Them Mudds Lamont’s Secret Zoo (9 eps, 2013; web – editor/motion graphics)
  • The Nature of Genius: Two Films by Michael Apted (2013; short documentary [dvd extra] – assistant editor, Premiere)
  • Howard Dental Center Who We Are (2013; corporate – motion graphics)
  • Flying Heritage Collection: Battle of Kursk (2013; short documentary – assistant editor, Avid)
  • Flying Heritage Collection: Battle of the Philippines (2013; short documentary – assistant editor, Avid)
  • Flying Heritage Collection: Battle of Midway (2013; short documentary – assistant editor, Avid)
  • Chaplain’s Subaru Spots (2010 – editor)
  • Stormy Lessons (2009; feature documentary – assistant editor, Avid)
  • Passing Through (unreleased; feature documentary – assistant editor, FCP7)

Camera Assistant/Operator

  • Field Technical Coordinator, Pie Town Productions (Sep. 2014 – Jan. 2015)
  • Lisa Mitts Where Has Love Gone (2012; music video – 1st AC)
  • Wolfsbane (2010; short – 1st AC)
  • A Face for All Occasions (2010; short – 1st AC)
  • Who Would Win? (2010; TV pilot – camera operator)
  • Searching for Andy Kaufman (2010; TV pilot – camera operator)
  • New Year (2010; short – 1st AC)
  • Echoes (2009; short – 1st AC)
  • Passing Through (unreleased; feature documentary – additional camera)

DIT/Media Manager