Andy Hates Advertising: Day Zero

I hate advertising. I really do. And I think the reason behind it is that I just don’t like being told what to do. And it doesn’t get much more dictatorial than advertising; “Hey you, buy this Chevy Aveo. And subscribe to Essence. And you’d better be watching The Bachelor[ette].” Is it even possible to get away from advertising? I live in LA, where I’m surrounded by ads from the moment I wake up, until the moment I go to bed. That’s not hyperbole; this is a photo out of my bedroom window:

Don Cheto looks on #AndyHatesAdvertising #doncheto #quebuena #billboard #ad

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Don Cheto’s fine work in Grand Theft Auto V aside, I’d rather not have to look at any billboard from my bedroom, let alone Don Cheto’s Trumpian-wigged visage. And that’s what this project is really about; finding a way to disengage from advertising in a meaningful way.

By removing the possible positive outcome (from an advertiser’s perspective) of me spending my money on their stuff, I remove any power an advertiser holds over me, and in fact cause them to spend more per given unit of advertising, by removing 1 (…of 10 million in the neighborhood…) potential customer from the pool. I like that, even if it is fractions of a penny.

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