Hamburgers! is a documentary webseries created and hosted by Andrew Mudd. Each ten minute episode will feature a single hamburger restaurant, including interviews with staff and patrons, and many gratuitous food porn shots. The following is a non-hosted pilot episode filmed at Ray’s Drive-In in Everett, Washington. New episodes will essentially be in this mold, but with a host.


  • Filming will take no more than 4 hours, preferably less.
  • The total crew on location will be no more than 4.
  • Other than camera and tripod, we plan to have no other major equipment on location (no lights, no grip).
  • The best time for us to come is either before opening, or as the lunch rush is dying down.
  • We would plan on quick interviews with the owner and/or chef and some staff (~10 mins each), and a few patrons (~5 mins each).


New episodes of Hamburgers! will be hosted by Andrew Mudd. Below is a sizzle reel for a series titled Andy Hates Everything which stars Mudd.